Web-Based Enrollment and Benefits Administration

STRATeBEN recognizes the increased demands placed on benefits departments as well as the need for a more efficient approach to the administration of employee benefits programs. Our integrated solution is designed to leverage sophisticated technology in order to deliver ease of use, mobility and service enhancement.

STRATeBEN provides a user-friendly, web-based enrollment application enabling employees to enroll in their benefits program on-line, easily and securely. This approach not only improves the enrollment process for all constituents, it turns over much of the responsibility for updating demographic information and selecting benefits from the benefits department to the members themselves.

Customized Enrollment and Online Administration includes:

  • Tailored employee materials (e.g., benefits guide and carrier web site links)
  • Custom login page with client logo with secure employee login
  • Secure authentication process
  • Wizard-style enrollment allowing customized plan enrollment for each employee
  • Print-friendly confirmation page summarizing all elections