The anticipation and creation of change is inherent in our corporate philosophy. We seek out and create new ways to add value for our clients.


Our proprietary approach of connecting information technology with focused health management activities puts our clients in a position to effectively manage their health care trend.


To access high performance solutions, you need high performance partners with leading edge tools. How powerful are the resources that support you?


While no one can see into the future, Strateben has the Vision to know what tools are necessary to manage key health cost drivers while at the same time improving patient outcomes.


Our client's goals are our driving force.  We utilize knowledge, skill and technology to create the solutions that bridge the gap between goals and success.


StrateBen’s tools and integrated approach to Trend Management and Benefits Administration allow us to simplify interactions and decision making so your HR team can focus on employee productivity.


STRATeBEN is a unique provider of employee benefits technology, information management and health management strategies...

StrateBen's mission is to support our client's business success by adding Predictability and "Budgetability" to the employee benefits program. We do this by employing sophisticated solutions...

STRATeBEN’s clients have realized unprecedented results by employing our sophisticated strategies backed up by our high performance tools.

Obamacare Pummels Blue Cross Blue Shield Of NC...


By Chris Conover

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC is expecting to lose more than $400 million on its first two years of Obamacare business. According to this morning’s News and Observer, “The dramatic deterioration in Blue Cross’ ACA business is causing increasing alarm among agents and public health officials.”
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