Risk Management/Stop Loss Insurance

STRATeBEN has a seasoned underwriting staff dedicated to matching the correct risk management tools to your organization’s risk tolerance. Our proprietary reporting tools allow us to evaluate a multitude of options prior to selection which gives our client’s the peace of mind knowing they have the correct risk coverage. Our underwriters also employ our prospective Clinical Management tools to evaluate the ongoing costs of a group plan and use these as leverage in their negotiations with stop loss carriers. Additionally, these tools aide by demonstrating to the stop loss carriers the active health care management our Clinical Management team conducts in order to protect all constituents' interests in the self funded environment.

Risk Management Capabilities:

  • Coverage requirements
  • Specific deductible evaluations
  • Aggregate insurance and attachment factors evaluations
  • Prescription Drug cost risk management
  • Transplant review and large claim risk shifting
  • "Laser" evaluations and recommendations
  • Disclosure Assistance