StrateHealth-Your Personal Health Nurse

Better Health Is A Call Away


Your Personal Health Nurse is available to provide guidance and assistance through case or disease management. This is a process in which a registered nurse works with you and members of your health care team to make sure you receive the best and most appropriate care.   One nurse is dedicated to your health and becomes your “personal nurse” who is available to help you during times of acute illness as well as in the management of your everyday health.

 What does this mean?

We work with you during times of acute illness.

Your personal health nurse is available to help you, or your family member navigate through the health care system during times of acute illness. The goal is to help you receive the most appropriate care and to make sure your treatment team has the information they need to work together for your benefit.

How does my personal nurse contact me? 

If you are identified as a possible candidate for medical management support, an experienced registered nurse will call.  Your personal health nurse will provide you with key information about the medical management program being offered by your health plan and to discuss your health care needs. The program is completely free and confidential for you and any members of your family covered by the health plan. The goal is to help you live a healthier life!

Does the personal nurse service cost me anything?

No. STRATeHEALTH’s services are paid by the health plan sponsor.

How can I contact my personal nurse?

Once a personal health nurse contacts you, you will be given a telephone number to communicate directly with your nurse. If you have not been contacted but you would like to talk to your nurse about health care services you are receiving, please contact via email at [email protected].