Guiding Principles

StrateBen's guiding principles defines our culture as well as the strategic partnerships that we create with our service providers and our customers.


We will offer solutions that deliver on our primary goal, to support our client’s business objectives.  By offering these solutions, we will deliver enhanced service and valuable care management focused on mitigating the long term effects of rising healthcare cost trends.  We will offer performance guarantees designed to demonstrate our commitment to our clients’ business success.


We strive for excellence in all we do.  We select high performing, best of breed organizations to help us deliver on our promises.  We will require performance guarantees from our service providers to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.  Requiring excellence from all integrated partners will allow us to deliver on our commitment of excellence to our clients.


Ethics is a core business tenet. We absolutely pledge to our clients and strategic partners that we will deal with them in an uncompromising ethical manner.  We understand that being our clients trusted advisor hinges on our ability to deliver on our commitment to principle centered leadership.


Innovation is the principal driver of growth and therefore we will not accept the status quo. The anticipation and creation of change is inherent in our corporate philosophy.  We will seek out and create new ways of adding value to our clients.


Our mission and vision can only be achieved through teamwork.  We have created a symbiotic relationship with our strategic partners and our clients.  It is only through this open communication that the best solutions can be delivered to our clients and their members.


We will take a leadership position within the industry.  We will use our amassed knowledge to push the industry forward. We will be diligent in seeking ways to support our client’s business objectives by continuously seeking out new ways of reducing costs while improving the quality of care.